Randall Smith
Randall B. Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Theology
University of St. Thomas, Houston

Supporting Materials Related to Teaching

* Student Evaluations (not summaries, but actual student comments).  Since I am a tenured full professor with an endowed chair, my university does not send out teaching evaluations to my classes regularly, even though I ask them to do so every semester. I have provided the committee with everything that the Assessment Office was able to provide me.
2004:  THEO 1300/3300 D; MLMLA 5300; THEO 1300/3300 C  
2005: HONORS 1392 A; THEO 1300/3300 C; THEO 3300 CTA; THEO 4374 A 
2006-2007: HONORS 1392 A; THEO 1300/3300 D; THEO 1300/3300 E; THEO 3300 CTA; THEO 4325 A
2008: THEO 3300/3310 C; THEO 4374 N
2012: THEO 3349 A; THEO 3349 B; THEO 3349 C; THEO 4374 A