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Book Reviews

1. Review of Richard Kraut ed., The Cambridge Companion to Plato (1992), in International Philosophical Quarterly 34 (1994) 507-509. 2. Review of Gilles Emery, La Trinité créatrice: Trinité et création dans les commentaires aux Sentences de Thomas d'Aquin et de ses précurseurs Albert le Grand et Bonaventure (1995), in The Thomist 60 (1996) 493-497. <> 3. Review of Carlo Leget, Living with God: Thomas Aquinas on the Relation between Life on Earth and 'Life' after Death (1997), in The Thomist 63 (1999) 485-490.


Medieval Masters: Essays in Memory of Msgr. E.A. Synan. Thomistic Papers VII. Houston: Center for Thomistic Studies; South Bend: University of Notre Dame, 1999. Pp. Xiii; 287.

Laudemus viros gloriosos: Essays in Honor of Armand Augustine Maurer C.S.B. South Bend: University of Notre Dame Press. Scholars contributing to this Festschrift are: Stephen Brown, Boston College; R. James Long, Fairfield; Girard Etzkorn, Franciscan Institute; John Rist, University of Toronto; Richard Taylor, Marquette University; R.E. Houser, Center for Thomistic Studies; Leo Elders, Rolduc, Holland; Lawrence Dewan, Ottawa; David B. Twetten, Marquette University; Mary C. Sommers, Center for Thomistic Studies; James P. Reilly, Pontifical Institute, Toronto; John Wippel, Catholic University of America; Timothy B. Noone, Catholic University of America; Calvin Normore, UCLA; Norman Wells, Boston College; and A.A. Maurer, Pontifical Institute, Toronto. At the editing stage.
The Cardinal Virtues: Aquinas, Albert, Philip the Chancellor. Translation, with introduction, notes, and appendices of the following texts: Philip, Summa de bono, selections on the nature of the cardinal virtues. Albert, De bono from the Summa parisiensis, selection on the nature of the cardinal virtues. Albert, Commentarium in libris Sententiarum, dd. 33 and 36. Aquinas, Quaestio disputata de virtutibus cardinalibus. This book is in press.

Current Projects

with Timothy Noone: Bonaventure: Philosophical Themes from the Sentences: God and Creation. translation, with introduction and notes, of texts from Bonaventure's Commentary on the Sentences Books 1 and 2. Texts translated are from: Bk 1: d. 3, 8, 22, 35, 38, 43, 45; Bk. 2: d. 1, 3, 12, 13. This volume has been solicited by the Franciscan Institute Press for The Bonaventure Texts in Translation Series.
The Friar and the Vizier: Metaphysics across two Medieval Cultures. A study of the metaphysics of Avicenna (the vizier) and Aquinas (the friar). Approximately half written.
A book length study of Aquinas's Roman Commentary on the Sentences. This volume will be based on the critical edition of the Latin text by John. Boyle and Leonard Boyle op^. The book will consist in a distinction by distinction commentary, by different authors. This volume is being done in close consultation with the editors of the Latin text. The Director of Publications, Center for Thomistic Studies, agreed in principle in 1998 to publish this book.

Philosophical Papers

"Finding a Philosophical Manuscript to Edit". Sources and Archives series, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, 10 April 1980.

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Response to the paper of F. Russell Hittinger, national ACPA meeting, NY, NY, 10 April 1983.

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"Of Alzheimer's, Angels, and Homeric Shades in the House of the Dead: A Comment on Prof. Carl Still's 'Do we know all after death: Thomas Aquinas on the disembodied soul's knowledge," ACPA National Meeting, 9 Nov. 2001.

"The Law above the Law: Consolation or Guide?", Houston Bar Association, Continuing Legal Education, South Texas College of Law, Houston, TX, 26 March 2002. Also to be delivered at the Center for Thomistic Studies Colloquium Series, Spring 2002.

"Stoic Themes in Aquinas's Doctrine of the Cardinal Virtues." International Medieval Congress, Western Michigan University, 5 May 2002

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